Thursday, May 26, 2016


Shakira Glenn, AmeriCorps Leader with LBHC
Inspired by a quote by Plenty Coups, famous Chief of Crow Nation, "With an education you are…[an] equal; without education you are…[a] victim" Shakira L. Glenn, AmeriCorps Leader serving at Little Big Horn College, noted: “Without education we are a victim to circumstance. We as Crow people have the choice to better our well-being with education. There are many types of aid available in helping to do so; I am here for that sole purpose—to guide the people toward success, in becoming equal.” The staff and board of Montana Campus Compact welcome Shakira to service!

Shakira adds AmeriCorps to a resume that includes  LBHC Business Management and Accounting student, wife and mother. Shakira faced multiple struggles in her college experience and is an example that anything is possible no matter the circumstances noting that “If you put your heart and mind into something—with determination—you will succeed.” 
Little Big Horn College

Shakira’s National Service will earn her a $2,200 Education Award to pay some of her tuition when she transfers next fall to MSU Bozeman to complete her bachelor's year degree. Good luck Getting Things Done, Shakira! 


Post by Dannette Fadness, MTCC Program Manager

Monday, May 23, 2016


Brittany Gwisdala, AmeriCorps Leader in Great Falls
Inspired to join AmeriCorps by a Peace Corps volunteer, Brittany Gwisdala is serving as an AmeriCorps Leader with the University of Great Falls and Girls Scouts of Montana & Wyoming in Great Falls, Montana. Brittany joined AmeriCorps to make a difference in education and believes that “Every Student, no matter their background, deserves a college education to not only benefit their own life, but to take the experiences they learn from college and give back to their communities. There is a difference between just being a student, and being a student who gets involved. Getting involved in the community is a great way to encourage others to do the same.”

A disabilities advocate, Brittany was no ordinary Ferris State (Michigan) college student. Accessing college through the Tuition Incentive Program and a financial aid package, she was involved with the Educational Counseling and Disability Services Office and became a panelist and presenter on Disability Awareness. 

Like many college students, Brittany changed her major several times before graduating with a Bachelor’s in History and a minor in French Language and Literature. During college she was frustrated, lost, confused at times, and felt like she had trouble fitting in. While struggling, Brittany put forth her best effort (even failing sometimes) and she was recognized as an Outstanding Graduate at her winter 2015 Commencement, and was later recognized as an Outstanding Senior Student, History B.A. this past spring. 

Welcome to service with Montana Campus Compact, Brittany!

Submitted by Dannette Fadness, Montana Campus Compact