Tuesday, November 28, 2017


On October 29th MTCC VISTA, Scarlett Day-Aleman and Lame Deer Boys and Girls Club VISTAs Christazia Johnson and Rebekah Guillotte hosted the second annual Lame Deer Talent Show. The Talent Show evolved this year from it’s first permutation as an art show in hopes to increase inclusivity to students beyond those with interest in visual arts. The VISTA Members hosted auditions for anything youth considered a talent.

This year’s talents ranged from hula hooping, to jump rope, to drumming, and beyond. Kids as young as five and as old as 18 were invited to participate. A total of eight students performed and 26 community members attended the event on what marked the first really cold and dreary day of the south eastern Montana winter season.

The cold contributed an additional barrier to the planning. The VISTA Talent Show coordinating team ended up switching dates twice before landing on the 29th. Regardless of the cold weather, and date disturbances, 6th grade student volunteers diligently secured rides to the venue on time, and an 8th grader took the lead as a lighthearted and loving MC.

When reflecting on the event’s successes MTCC VISTA Member Scarlett highlighted the opportunity it presented to build relationships with students outside of the attitudes and assumptions worn into school settings.

“I really liked hanging out at rehearsal with the kids. At first it was overwhelming watching them run ruckus over the practice room but slowly their energy funneled into these really beautiful skills. I learned a lot about our kids, and their culture, that I would have never thought to ask about. It is fun to watch kids dive into their passions.”

Thank you Scarlett, Christazia, and Rebekah for organizing these spaces for Lame Deer youth to practice and preform. We wish we could have been there, but will live through their stories and photos as a close second!

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